Monday, September 3, 2012

La county fair!


Hey everyone, How are you guys? Those of you who live in California should definitely visit the La county fair this year , i had the chance to go yesterday & of course i took it!!! It was absolutely amazing.  I have never seen so many crazy fried foods ( Oreos , snickers , pickles , ice cream , ect.) They even had gigantic donuts that were amazing!! Me and my uncle decided to go all out and we ate food all day! We played games , got to see the chinese circus which was such a treat they are so amazing , we got to pet the animals & i even got a henna tattoo of a tree and my name under it! We got to see cows being milked and drank fresh cow milk & so much more! I highly recommend it. of course Im going to post some pictures . I hope you guys like! xoxo

Love , Lexi G.

Me just being a little silly!

This lady was a little nutty , but she can draw really good Lol!

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