Friday, August 31, 2012

My outfit today! ....

Hello ,
 Hey guys , I would like to start off by saying thank you guys so much for viewing my page & commenting . It means the world to me <3 You guys are so awesome , you make me feel so accepted into the "blogging world" ahaha (=  , & I want to give a special thanks to my wonderful mommy , she shared my blog and it seemed like everytime I refreshed my page I got 100 more page views! YOU ROCK MOM ! LOL 
Anyways , so today I decided I was going to go on polyvore and find an outfit that was similar to my outfit today , just like my mama does!! So , what im wearing is alot less expensive but , still very cute and comfy! all of my clothing & jewelry are from forever 21 and my sandals are from payless (= this whole outfit is probably about 60$ max , alot more afordable than the outfit created on polyvore! I hope you guys like , photo creds to my beautiful mother, love ya'll! Thanks xoxo <3

Love, Lexi G.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Make a fashion statement!!

Its me again , I am back! I have missed blogging :( but I hadn't really had the chance! I start home-school Tuesday and I got my classes and there college prep ! YAY! so I am super stoked & I promise to blog almost everyday Lol! So .. last week I went to six flags with my best friend corey and it was so much fun , the rides have gotten remarkably better , but everything is super duper expensive! On another note I might go to the La county fair this Sunday with my uncle he is really awesome!! How fun right? ahah!The most exciting thing of all,  is my lovely mother told me that she is going to buy me a sewing machine & teach me how to sew now that I have shown interest!! :D I have so much going on !!! 
Anyways todays look is "Make a fashion statement" because I believe it is very important to do that , I see it everyday done by my AMAZING mommy   (= yes I love my mama ... ahaaha , this outfit is kinda South Western chic! My mom loves this outfit , which makes me so happy because she is the queen of fashion! I hope you guys really love it , leave me a comment & let me know what you think .. you can even give me an idea of what you would like to wear and maybe I can help you! (=
 - Love , Lexi G

Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer outfit!


So my mom introduced me to a lovely website called Polyvore , were you can create any outfit you want from the choices given. So I decided I will post different outfits for everyone to see a little bit of my taste in clothing and maybe you might find something you like in my outfits! Comment let me know what you think , what your style is and maybe I can help you! Hope you love it ! xoxo

Love ,  Lexi G.

Summer Outfit!

Hello, My Name is Lexi!

Hello everybody ,

My name is Alexzia (lexi for short.) I'm new to this whole blogging thing , but I suppose you are to talk about yourself on your first post. So I would like to start off by saying im a 15 year old girl & I would be starting my first day of school in my new kicks & fits, but im home-schooled so I will be entering in my jammies and slippers -.- lol.

I decided to start a blog because I love the wonderful feedback my mom gets back from her fashion blog. I will try my best to post things that I feel you will love. The many journeys I go on , the dance classes I take , the photography classes I take , & for my fashionistas I will post amazing clothing!

My interest are , dancing ( hip hop , ballet , jazz , contemporary and break dancing ) I take classes at Millenium Dance Complex . I also have a passion for photography! I love taking pictures of everything and anything! I have a wonderful mommy(Mimi) , & a daddy (Randy) , I have 3 sisters (Chastidy 18 , Alyssa 12 , Imani 9)  and 2 brothers (Randy jr 5, Alexander 9) . We are all supportive of eachother and love each other alot! 

Ok my fellow bloggers, that's a little bit about me; leave me a comment telling me a little about you! I hope you lovely exciting people enjoy my blog! xoxo!

     Love , Lexi G.